Friday Five & a #Selfie

I hope your work (or school) week is winding down nicely and thank God it’s Friday, right? I wanted to share with you some of the things I found on the internet this week that I thought was interesting, awesome and/or inspiring.

  • A favorite beauty blogger & Youtuber of mine, Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, was featured today on Into the Gloss’ #ITGTopShelfie, take a look here!
  • Remember the two gay dads that took a photo last year doing their daughters’s hair in the morning? Well….now they have a Nikon commercial. And it is AWESOME. I love when major brands & companies do campaigns like this.
  • Cora from VintageorTacky did an insanely stunning and unique Acid Green & Burgundy makeup look. I can’t wait to try to emulate this look from Cora’s tutorial.
  • One of the best Plus Sized blogger & vloggers out there, Sarah Rae aka RavingsbyRae, has started this awesome body positive series called #DearFatGirl and her most recent video was a favorite of mine so far and really hit home for me.
  • Are any of you going to miss Parks & Rec as much as I will when it airs its finale this Spring? SO SAD. Well here’s an awesome Reddit thread where fans explain why they’ll miss the feminism of Parks & Rec.

And now for a little story!

I was spacing out a bit this morning while getting ready for work and I was not paying attention to the time,  so as I was walking out my front gate to catch the train this morning I saw it was whizzing right by me! Whomp whomp, I missed my train and I was going to be late. 

I decided that as long as I still had another 10 minutes to wait for the next train, why not take a selfie? I was feeling pretty confident with my makeup application for the day and one of my New Years resolutions was trying to become more comfortable with taking photos of myself, because duh, I was starting a blog and that would be important.

So here’s the result of missing my train and having a mini photoshoot. All bundled up because brrr, it’s cold outside!