Miracle Worker & An Ulta Deal

Last month I received a sample of Philosophy’s Miracle Worker Overnight cream and I happened to be in the market for a new evening moisturizer that would be a bit more hydrating and intensive. I really enjoy waking up to silky-soft skin, and my current moisturizer that I used for both day and night wasn’t quite as potent as I had wanted.

I used the Miracle Worker Overnight cream for one night – only one! And I was SOLD. I immediately got online to check Sephora and Ulta. I decided to purchase it from Ulta, for reasons unknown, and as it was sitting in my basket I was clicking around for a few other items, I noticed that there was an Online Only deal for both the Miracle Worker and Miracle Worker Overnight (2oz in each) for $77.

Here’s where I point out that for just the Miracle Worker Overnight (2oz) it’s $68, so for less than $10 more I would get both moisturizers and a deluxe sample of their eye repair cream.

Um, SIGN ME UP. I couldn’t make that order any faster.


I’ve been using the products for almost a week now and I’m super happy with them. In the morning my skin feels ultra hydrated from the overnight cream, and the day moisturizer sinks into my skin fast so I can get to putting on my makeup. I don’t like moisturizers that just sit on the skin during the day because I can’t delay getting ready for work.

Psst, they’re also offering the pair of moisturizers (1oz each) and eye repair cream for only $55, if you want to give it a try.


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