Thoughts on Target’s New Plus Size Line, AVA & VIV

If you have been around the plus sized fashion community in the last few years, you’ll know that Target has received a lot of backlash lately due to its poor plus size style range and its lack of availability in their stores. Plus sized folks started voicing their displeasure on social media. It’s been a frustrating experience because I find as a plus size woman that it is imperative to be able to try on clothes before purchasing them. And only if I am familiar with a brand and how their sizing works on my body do I really feel comfortable ordering clothes online. I’m sure that is something people of all sizes like to do.

So why are plus sized women not given the chance by stores like Target and Old Navy? Instead we are banished to the realms of online shopping, hoping that they will fit, or be doomed to participate in the process of shipping back unwanted or ill-fitting clothes. However, after the previously mentioned backlash, Target has decided to step up its game and bring out a new plus-sized range called AVA & VIV, which will be available online starting February 22 and being offered in-stores  starting mid-February. I should also mention that Target is offering plus sizes in their new collaboration with Lily Pulitzer x Target that will be launching in the Spring, but only online for plus sizes.

Target has offered an exclusive look at all the new pieces at Refinery29, so be sure to check them all out there. I have selected a few of the pieces I’ll be most interested when the items hit the stores in February, take a look below. Additional thoughts on the line will also be below.


I’m really looking forward to these four pieces. I really enjoy structured jackets and I love classic black and white stripes (priced at $27.99). The printed shirt looks great but I’ll have to see how it lays on my body before purchasing.

Jeans! I really like the jeans. Fingers crossed they fit well and flatter my figure. The shorts I’ll be trying on but I’m not entirely sold on how well they will look on my legs.


This wrap skirt (priced at $24.99) might be my favorite item coming out. I think it will sit beautifully and it will be fun to pair with bright tops like the ones above (coral blouse, $22.99).


The other pair of jeans (priced at $29.99) I’m excited to give a go. Target has really tried to keep the pricing low, which is something I really appreciate because as a plus size woman I’m usually spending anywhere between $60-$90 for a pair of ‘just okay’ jeans.

I’ve yet to find an chambray shirt (coming in at $24.99) that I like well enough to buy. Might this be the one? Here’s hoping! Basic tees (only $10) are a must but this is not something new at Target and have been among their plus size offering for a long time now.

So I have just a few thoughts on the new Target line. I’ll be honest — I’m not bowled over by the items. It appears to all be very similar to items that I have seen at Target before. I was expecting a bit more ‘oomph!’ from the range. I feel that Target should have come out with a bang in order to make up for this past mishaps and after tarnishing their relationship with us consumers.

However, I think they will do well with this line but in the future I hope they take more chances. I appreciate that the line will offer lower prices on basic items that need to be in my wardrobe but I won’t be making any full outfits out of AVA & VIV.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy with the new line?


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