NARS Audacious Lipsticks

What can I say about these lipsticks that hasn’t already been said? Not much, that’s for sure! But I had to throw my own praises in with the rest. These pricey (yikes $32!) lipsticks are one hundred and ten percent worth the money.

NARS has hit it out of the park with these lipsticks.


As you can see, I went with three very different shades. I don’t have the money (nor the time) to purchase and wear the full range of shades. I mulled over each and every color for several weeks to decide which shades I should get.


I knew I wanted a classic red so I set my sights on Marlene. It’s described as a brick red with a satin finish and a warm undertone. It leans slightly more towards the orange side of red. I liked the vintage-y vibe I was getting from it and I knew the warm undertone would work well with my pale, warm undertone skin.

Janet was the first shade I picked up! I wanted something bold that would be make me feel excited, and Janet is right up that alley. She’s a fuchsia with a pearl finish and cool undertones. I love wearing this shade with a neutral eye and basic black outfit. It really stands out.

Everyone needs a nude, everyday kinda shade, right? That’s where Anna fit right in. I wanted something I could wear on a regular basis at my day job and something that would match most looks. Anna is a pinky nude with a semi-matte finish and a neutral undertone. Simply gorgeous and probably my favorite of the trio.


Have you picked up any of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks? What shades are your favorite?

Swatches are below the cut!




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